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In everyday life, we faithfully reach for our morning coffee, check our phone and tend to our routines. It's in these small acts that we reveal our priorities. But when we start our day off in the presence of the Lord before allowing distractions that crave our attention, it creates space for peace, grace and gratitude.


How to Wake Up: The Bible for Breakfast eBook is a guide for how to best begin the day... by putting God first. It provides uncomplicated yet meaningful tips to establish healthy habits and start each morning remembering how loved you are, so that you can best love God, yourself and others.

By taking time to align, we gain perspective and are better able to face the day ahead. We cannot navigate the journey without getting directions from God. Sometimes we can't get ourselves unstuck, we can't see the way out, and self is not sufficient. It's humbling, but when we realize that we are fully reliant on Him, there is freedom and power. In a world that vacillates, we remain unshaken, rooted and established. He renews our minds, replenishes our spirits and gives us strength to endure.

So, let's commit to awakening consistently with a heart set on Him, preparing ourselves to be available for use to bless and benefits those around us, while ridding the world of its influence on us Together, we'll ensure that there is no wrong side of the bed.

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